Monday, November 1, 2010



KW said...

This is my absolute all-time favorite. I love it so much

Willy Ashworth said...


Thanks...means a great deal to me for sure, and thanks for dropping by.

Jeeves said...

I agree with KW as far as strength of character, I think this guy shows determination and an ability to see past the obvious. If he was holding a pair of sunglasses up to the side of his head, he could be mistaken for a cosmic David Caruso.

Jeeves said...

Hi Jeeves, this is Willie, You are brilliant. I can't believe how insightful and brilliant you are. You are certainly brilliant. Thank you for that brilliant comment. It was packed full of brilliance. It was so brilliant, I had to wear sunglasses to read it. Thanks

Jeeves said...

I can see by this drawing that you must have a very dark side festering beneith a rose coloured vanier. Likely a serial killer just itching to burst out of that Walter Mitty shell and reek havock on the city of Toronto. God help the residants of High Park. I wouldn't want to be out walking my little dog on a dark night. Lord, save us all.

Willy Ashworth said...


A cosmic David Caruso!! As if an earth bound one wasn't enough!

Not sure I'm understanding the second quote here Jeeves. Perhaps I'm not responding quick enough to your comments?

As for the third comment, I think this blog mixes up the good with the evil equally for the most part, but truth be known...the bad guys are ALWAYS more fun to draw....and for that matter sweetness and goodness is hard to portray, at least for me.

High Park is safe!!

Thanks foe the visit Jeeves!!!