Monday, October 18, 2010



Jeeves said...

And to think, I've been abusing him all these years. I'm so ashamed

Jeeves said...

That guy that lives next door is a real dork.

KW said...

that's a really bad infection there! i worry it's gonna pop any second.

Paton said...

There is something sad about this fella'. Good stuff as always sir. How are things with Winnie Wagon? I think about that bit with the octopus and I sit here slack jawed with how cool that short is.

I'm going to be at the OIAF this week, if you're in the area let me know.

Willy Ashworth said...

Jeeves Paton and KW:

Thanks for the visit guys!

KW: I think it is just his natural patina, so I wouldn't worry!

Jeeves: You're ashamed, yet you call him a dork? I'm confused, and I'm sure he is as well!!

Paton: Nice to have you around these parts again...we've missed you. Thanks for the kind words...much appreciated.