Thursday, January 1, 2009


Have a great new year everyone, and thanks for dropping by.


Suzanne Dargie said...

This guy's face doesn't look much like a New Year's Face....but what do I know?

Shutterup-Shutterbug said...

He looks like he's had one too many martinis!

Paton said...

Looks like he was working on New Year's Eve. I'm thinking as a bouncer or bartender. "Happy friggin' New Year"

Willy Ashworth said...

Suzanne, Shutterbug, and Paton

This post is only up at New years because it was the first one ready!

Although he does like a bouncer who doesn't look like he has a New Year's Face, and has had one too many martinis!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

D. Starr said...

He looks kind of old to be a bouncer.. I'd say more the mystic or necromancer type.

Happy 2009 Washworth! We miss ya already.

Willy Ashworth said...

Hello Mr. Starr

Well, you nailed it sir. I was thinking things are looking sort of bleak this new year, and to my mind this guy reflects the gloom.

Miss you guys as well, but we'll see you soon enough. I'm enjoying the down time.

Cya and thanks for the visit.